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Vitamins Have Anti-Aging Effects and Increase Overall Health

Top Vitamins for Anti-Aging Effects

By: | Tags: , , , | Comments: 0 | June 2nd, 2015

The desire to appear younger can greatly influence many lifestyle decisions that people make.  However, the exterior semblance of youth can also be mirrored in overall physiological function, especially through the use of supplementation with vitamins.  This will have an impact on systemic action, which also translates into outward manifestations of anti-aging effects.

General Principles and Specialized Vitamin Needs

One important point for people to realize is that everyone’s physiological makeup is different.  This can be a factor of any of the following:

  • Genetics
  • Prior lifestyle choices including nutrition and activity
  • Environmental influencers, including toxins
  • Experiential determinants of behavior
  • Long-term stress levels
  • Emotional health

This also means that when it comes to anti-aging supplements, different people may also have different specialized needs.  However, this does not mean that certain general principles for the use of vitamins in promoting anti-aging should not be applied when considering the development of a supplementation regimen.

Anti-Oxidants in Health and Cell Growth

As a basic rule, vitamins which are anti-oxidants will also have anti-aging benefits.  This is due to the impact that these molecules have on possible dangers like free radicals in the body, as well as the direct impact that anti-oxidants have on actual physiological function.  This includes bolstering the immune system, which results in greater overall health, but also less cellular energy that is needed to maintain this vital function.

Another important factor of anti-oxidant vitamins is that they actually regulate the way genes replicate and function.  The primary mechanism is that anti-oxidants prevent mutations, which can lead to the expression of chronic genetic conditions as well as the development of cancerous growths.  In this respect, these vitamins also help cells to actually live longer, by keeping their foundational blueprint uncorrupted and by facilitating regular metabolism.

At the most basic level, anti-oxidants actually prevent cells from aging, and this means that all the systems in the body are also benefiting from the deceleration of the process.  Although lipofuscin is a pigment that may be evident on the skin as age spots, this chemical also collects in the cells of the brain, heart, and other body tissues.  The effect is that lipofuscin deteriorates cellular function, but the use of anti-oxidant vitamins can greatly combat the internal and external impacts of this compound.

Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is perhaps one of the most essential supplements for anti-aging benefits.  It has a far reaching impact on a number of tissue systems, but is also directly involved in cell health by reducing oxidation which can occur on the membrane surface during nutrient transfer.  Although this effect is witnessed within the body, it also becomes manifestly evident in the texture and resilience of skin cells that are not influenced by undue damaging factors.

Along with this important process, Vitamin E is also integral to the health of the immune system, of blood vessels and the heart, and for the brain.  In immune function, it allows for the necessary processing of hormones that trigger white blood cells to respond, but the vitamin also regulates how quickly the inflammation subsides after the threat is addressed.  When inflammation is prolonged, it can put undue stress on cellular metabolism, but Vitamin E reduces this impact.

In terms of brain health, Vitamin E is also key, since it is a precursor to the generation of acetylcholine, which is necessary for nerve function and the transmission of messages between synapses.  This addresses one of the most important internal aging effects that can be reduced with proper nutritional support.

Vitamin C Benefits

Another of the more important vitamins for anti-aging benefits, Vitamin C is a water soluble compound that has strong anti-oxidant effects.  However, Vitamin C is also necessary in the creation of keratin and collagen, which help to keep skin cells plump and smooth.  Further, this vitamin works synergistically to regenerate Vitamin E in the body, and work with Vitamin E to ensure cardiovascular health.

This effect is related to the importance of Vitamin C in collagen and keratin production, since these compounds are also vital to the strength and structure of blood vessels and muscles, like the heart.  Vitamin C also helps to catalyze the impact of flavonoids, which benefit the entire circulatory system, and the immune system as well.

It should be noted, that while Vitamin C and E can be of the greatest benefit when taken internally, they may
also be applied topically to the skin, which can heighten the visible signs of anti-aging that are promoted by these two vitamins.

Lipoic Acid Beneficial Aspects

Although this is actually an enzyme that impacts the speed of cellular deterioration, it is still frequently included as a vitamin supplement, since it is necessary for catalyzing the effects of Vitamins E and C as well.  On a cellular level, lipoic acid strengthens cell membranes, making them less viable to toxins, free-radicals, and even bacteria and viruses.  However, lipoic acid also boosts natural levels of glutathione, which are integral to brain and tissue health, and can prevent the formation of cataracts.

Co-Enzyme Q10 Benefits

While CoQ10 is another enzyme, it is also included in vitamin supplements for anti-aging.  As with the other supplements, CoQ10 is a strong anti-oxidant, but it is also integral in collagen formation, especially in its interaction with Vitamin C.  As a supplement that strengthens tissue tone and suppleness, CoQ10 also plays a strong role in heart health.  It is not only vital in maintaining good circulation through the vessels, but it is also important for the actual health of the heart muscle.  This makes CoQ10 another vitamin that promotes the inner and outer benefits of anti-aging.

Supplements Beneficial for Special Concerns

While the above powerhouse supplements are highly beneficial for general anti-aging concerns, other vitamins and minerals can also improve overall results.

  • Selenium – promotes brain health and can also improve some age related issues with vision.
  • B complex vitamins – these supply the cells with a steady supply of energy, which promotes health metabolism and regeneration.
  • Vitamin Dsupports musculoskeletal health, including bone marrow replication for vital red blood cell counts.

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