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Patient Management – Hepatitis C

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Patient Management - HEPATITIS C


The past year has indeed proven to be an exciting one for the advancement of chronic Hepatitis C (CHC) genotype 1 treatment.[1]  The prognosis for millions of patients with chronic Hepatitis C has changed dramatically.  With lower pill burden, fewer and more tolerable side effects, and heightened cure rates, these new therapy options may support improved patient adherence and compliance, and ultimately improve long-term patient outcomes and their associated future costs.[2]  These advances will change the approach to treatment of Hepatitis C.  Specialty drugs are generally defined as high-cost injectable, infused, oral or inhaled drugs that require close supervision and monitoring.[3]  These unique characteristics directly affect you and your practice in a variety of ways. How do you choose the right specialty pharmacy?  The following are the key elements to consider when selecting a specialty pharmacy for your hepatitis patients.

Accredited Specialty Pharmacy

Accreditation is a testament to a specialty pharmacy’s transparency, quality, and safety.  There are only a select groups of pharmacies that are accredited.  The accreditation process occurs when specialty pharmacies invite outside agencies to test their products and to review their policies and procedures.  These independent accrediting agencies have set rigorous standards that a specialty pharmacy must meet in order to receive accreditation.  By referring your patients to an accredited specialty pharmacy, you have an assurance of quality for your patients.  MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy is accredited by the Compliance Team and the URAC accreditation is in progress.

Specialty Medication Therapy Management

Adherence to specialty drug regimens is often more difficult for patients with Hepatitis C partly due to the fact that patients with Hepatitis C have nearly twice the number of comorbidities when compared to uninfected patients, thus increasing the number of their medications and potential side effects.  With that and additional factors such as medication therapy to consider, it is vital that your specialty pharmacy offers Medication Therapy Management.  MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy offers a variety of customized and individually tailored services and therapies that are designed to help our customers live happier healthier lives.  We work closely with physicians, associated healthcare personnel, and patients to ensure proper drug selection, dosing, compliance, and outcomes. Our exclusive Medication Therapy Management services provide ongoing monitoring of patients’ complete medical history as well as one-on-one counseling from our knowledgeable and experienced pharmacists to address patients’ questions and concerns about medications, their side effects, and any other matters that may arise throughout treatment.

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Tools to Increase Patient Adherence

MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy offers a variety of tools to increase patient adherence:

  1.  Technological Tools offered by MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy
    • Daily two-way text messages reminding your patients to take their medications and enabling them to report back intake.
    • Escalation alerts to caregiver when intake not reported by patient.
    • Self-reported intake can be monitored via on-line dashboard, including calendar, by patients and program managers.
    • Monthly motivational and educational messages further ensuring compliance.
    • Automated monthly refill reminders ensuring uninterrupted therapy.
  2. We offer reporting and access to improve adherence and compliance.  MedicoRx® fully integrates with available systems to manage all aspects of patient’s therapy while maintaining the quality and continuum of care as well as maintaining HIPAA Compliance and patient privacy.  We offer:
    • Side-effect management and recurring refill assessment;
    • Therapy discontinuation surveys and financial assistance information;
    • Patient support services and clinical interventions;
    • Patient outcome reports and adherence risk scoring triggers.
  3.  Many of our services are geared specifically towards physicians who work with Hepatitis C patients.  The reports provided by MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy meet and exceed stakeholders’ expectations.  Through our technological advancements and personal care given to each of our patients, we are able to provide individual, hands-on care.  MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy offers::
    • Consistent management of new and existing patients along with various levels of therapy management;
    • Custom protocols, reports, and trigger assessments to meet physicians’ and patients’ unique needs.
    • Easy to use referral forms.
    • HIPAA Compliant web-portal with access for patients and prescribers.
    • Proactive patient interventions and genotype protocols to confirm appropriateness.

Tailored Customer Service

MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy patient-focused approach makes managing Hepatitis C easier by creating a continuous communication flow between us, the physician’s office, the patient, and their caregivers, which ensures safe, efficient, and quality care.  As a specialized pharmacy with many years of experience we offer all the necessary medications and support that you need.  Our staff includes experienced, knowledgeable, and hepatology trained clinical pharmacists, regional support personnel, patient care representatives, and reimbursement specialists. MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy simplifies patient care with customized prescription forms and provides a continuum of care through follow-up with the physician’s office.  Via our exclusive medication therapy management services, our staff provides step-by-step consultations, continuous education, and support services throughout treatment.  We pride ourselves in improving patient outcomes while promoting and assisting with optimal patient adherence. Customized services offered to your patients:

  • Assistance with all insurance issues, including verification of benefits and prior authorization
  • Expert staff handling Medicare Part B and Part D billing;
  • Co-pay and patient assistance program;
  • Patient education, emotional support, and assistance programs through our Non-Profit partners;
  • Refill reminders and wellness checks tailored to specific disease and therapy;
  • Complete patient educational materials shipped with each prescription;
  • Multi-language capabilities;
  • Clinical pharmacist support and consultation available 24/7/365;
  • Free same day/overnight delivery direct to your home, office, or designated location;
  • Patient care coordinators help with scheduling, deliveries, refills, and all administrative issues;
  • All required supplies are provided at no cost to the patient for injectable therapies;

Financial Assistance for Hepatitis C Patients

MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy has extensive experience in managing costs associated with medication delivery.  Our Prior Authorization Department and Billing Department were the innovators in the area of managing costs for our patients.  Our staff prides in their ability to assist the eligible patient in a time-sensitive, expedient, and efficient manner assuring that the continuity of care is not interrupted.  Our patients and medical partners can be assured that we will use our expertise and knowledge to make sure that eligible patients will continue to receive the necessary care that is affordable, safe, and timely. Our goal is to eliminate the financial concerns of our payors, patients, and physicians’ offices, while continuing to provide the excellent quality of care that we are known for.  MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy has extensive knowledge and experience in both Pharmacy and Medical claims submission.  Servicing numerous MCOs in California as the Specialty and/or Home Infusion Pharmacy preferred provider, has allowed MedicoRx® Specialty Pharmacy to attain the expertise in mitigating the risks involved. For more information, please contact us at info@medicorx.com.



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