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10Mar, 2017

6 Serious Illnesses that Cause Sudden Blurry Vision

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Most people experience changes in vision gradually over a period of months or years. They start moving their reading material closer or farther away in order to see the letters or find themselves struggling to see clearly when driving at night. These kinds of changes are common, especially as people age. Sudden blurry vision is a different story. If you haven’t had any vision changes, even if you use glasses or contacts, and your vision becomes dramatically worse in a matter of minutes or hours, it could be the sign […]

Relieving Back Pain is Important in Minimizing Progressive Deterioration Later in Life
4Jun, 2015

4 Methods to Back Pain Relief

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Although the causes of back pain can differ, the result is still a chronic health concern that can greatly diminish overall quality of life.  Further, when back pain is left unaddressed, it can lead to greater deterioration that later becomes a progressive rather than a preventable condition.  When considering methods for pain relief with back conditions, it is always important to receive a proper diagnosis, as relief for a slipped disc can be different than that for a pulled muscle. It is also important to note that in practically any […]

Vitamins Aid in Heart Health and Lowering Stress Levels
26May, 2015

10 Important Vitamins That Need to be in Your Diet

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Concerns about proper nutrition have far reaching impacts when it comes to lifetime wellness and the prevention of certain chronic diseases. The modern diet can have a highly negative impact on health outcomes for several reasons. Negatives of the Modern Diet Low nutritional value – although many easy to access and popular foods have the appropriate caloric values to sustain physical function, they often tend to be depleted of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that support the body’s metabolism. Toxins and additives– the inclusion of many additives and preservatives can further […]

Combination Vitamins can Provide Comprehensive Support for Joint Health
19May, 2015

Vitamins for Joint Pain

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Although chronic joint pain and musculoskeletal issues are frequently associated with wear and tear that happens over time, severe joint issues can affect people at any point in their life. This may be due to: Injury Long-term load bearing on the joints Poor nutrition Circulation problems, including those that are exacerbated by tight clothing Poor postural alignment Genetic precursors Systemic inflammation As a result, even minor joint discomfort that arises earlier in life could be indicative of a future health concern. For this reason, it can be vitally important for […]

Physical Therapy, NSAIDs, and Compression Sleeves Help in Relieving Knee Pain
8May, 2015

Knee Pain Treatments

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As one of the major load bearing joints in the body, knees can succumb to a number of injuries as well as wear and tear that can generate acute and chronic pain in the joint.  Further issues can include limitations in mobility and difficulty in shifting weight over to the affected knee, but the actual cause of the pain could be the result of direct or indirect problems that impact the joint. Arthritis – this tends to be a common problem in knee pain and can include inflammation as well […]

26Dec, 2014

Treatments for Lower Back Pain

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Chronic back pain is one of the most prevalent conditions experienced by individuals of all ages.  Lower back pain specifically can be attributed to factors including poor posture, anxiety, and stress.  In many cases, the discomfort of lower back pain is specifically related to misalignment of the spine, or tension in the connecting muscles.  Depending upon the cause of the pain, a number of long-term treatment plans can be viable options for relief. Postural Issues of the Spine Lower back pain that is the result of problems with the spinal […]

5Dec, 2014

Managing Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS), is a neurological disease that affects the function of the brain and spinal cord. It is specifically related to the deterioration of the myelin sheaths that cover nerve endings, and this can inhibit the way that signals are processed from the brain. As a result, muscular actions and physical sensations are often distorted. Like Medico Specialty Pharmacy on Facebook! What are the Symptoms for MS? Although symptoms can vary depending on the type of MS or the stage to which the scarring of the myelin sheaths has […]

26Nov, 2014

Breast Cancer Symptoms

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Although breast cancer affects more women, it can also be a disease that affects men. It is essentially a condition where the breast tissue becomes invaded with cancerous growths, and generally starts either in the tubules of the breast or the milk glands. In many cases it can be managed if it is caught through early screening, but treatment and cure can include a different prognosis. Early Screening for Patients Many women will go through screening for breast cancer when they see their physicians for a regular checkup. While this […]