Manage Your Health Online — Anytime

Online Managed Medical Information (OMMI)

Our fully customized proprietary web-portal – OMMI – Online Managed Medical Information – is reliable and secure while allowing uniform direct-access and information sharing among the pharmacy team, providers, and patients. OMMI provides full range of services to patients and physicians:
  • Uninterrupted quality of care via direct access
  • Real-time and immediate access to shared medical information:
    • Clinical Care Plans
    • Medication Therapy Management
    • Progress Notes
    • Patient History, Drug Information, Recommendations and Interventions
  • Adherence reporting such as MPR
  • Providers and pharmacies are able to reach their patients in real time:
    • All participants have access to their medical information anytime, anywhere
    • Medical professional can coach and educate patients remotely
    • Interactive communication ensures adherence, improves outcomes and reduces costs
  • Remote patient monitoring via text message alerts
  • Integration with tablets and smartphones for nurse educators and other medical professionals out-in-the-field enables real-time access and interaction wherever they may be

Please contact our toll free number (855) 265 -7850 to discuss this with our knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Perfect for PATIENTS:

Our easy to use web-portal does more than simply remind our patients to take their medications on time. OMMI technology provides the tools necessary to engage our patients through increased medical adherence monitoring, side-effect tracking, appointment and refill reminders, as well as ongoing education and training.

Perfect for PROVIDERS:

OMMI is an innovative, HIPAA compliant, new generation web-portal that allows physicians to have access to their patients’ information in real time.  The portal acts as an assistant to the physicians and their staff and allows for ongoing high-quality patient care.  Our licensed software can be custom built to address each physician’s individual patient needs.