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Insulin Pump Therapy
17Nov, 2015

Is Insulin Pump Therapy Right For You?

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The majority of people with type 1 diabetes do require regular insulin injections in order to ensure that blood sugar levels are well maintained, and that overall metabolic function is preserved. While every individual with the condition will require specific dosages and medication regimens, it is certain that injections will need to occur throughout the course of the day. This can cause a number of concerns for individuals of all walks of life: Changes in lifestyle habits Concerns about injection while at work Managing the required drug protocol, ie. avoiding […]

Relieving Back Pain is Important in Minimizing Progressive Deterioration Later in Life
4Jun, 2015

4 Methods to Back Pain Relief

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Although the causes of back pain can differ, the result is still a chronic health concern that can greatly diminish overall quality of life.  Further, when back pain is left unaddressed, it can lead to greater deterioration that later becomes a progressive rather than a preventable condition.  When considering methods for pain relief with back conditions, it is always important to receive a proper diagnosis, as relief for a slipped disc can be different than that for a pulled muscle. It is also important to note that in practically any […]

There are Five Main Forms of Breast Cancer
23Apr, 2015

Information on Breast Cancers

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When it comes to one’s health and the various illnesses that can impact it, few things are as frightening as the word cancer. Cancer has long been a major killer, and while modern medicine is making gradual steps to overcome it, it’s still a major problem. Breast cancer in particular is of special concern due to its dangers and the fact that it is one of the most common types of cancer out there. As such, taking a closer look at it is something that is very important. About Breast […]

There are Several Common Treatment Sensations Felt During an Iron Infusion
24Mar, 2015

How Will I Feel After an Iron Infusion?

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For patients who have discovered that they require infusion therapy with iron, the prospects can be a cause for some trepidation. Any time that a treatment recommendation is new, it can bring with it a variety of questions regarding what to expect, how the therapy will impact quality of life, and what kinds of risks are involved in this route of action. Becoming educated about the process and about the effects can facilitate the healing effects of the therapy, since it can also emotionally open the patient to accepting this […]

Find Ways to Boost Your Immune System
10Mar, 2015

Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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Immune support can be a vital step in preventive healthcare, yet, many of the lifestyle decisions that people make actually work counter to proper immune function. Different stressors, poor nutritional choices, and lack of ample rest and activity can all contribute to a lowered immune response. This makes it vital that people find ways to reduce the negative impacts in their lives, as well as find ways to support more efficient function. Eliminating the Negatives While boosting the immune function can include supplementation, immune support also means making an effort […]

Preventive Measures can be Helpful in Boosting the Immune System
20Feb, 2015

Cancer and Your Immune System

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Although specific cancers can impact organs and tissues within the body, this disease also results in a systemic disruption of function.  One of the most noticeable reactions is the effects that cancer has on the immune system, and how this can change physical ability and needs.  Alterations on a cellular level result in overall differences that can impact the manner in which the body is able to respond to an outside infection. Different Impacts on the Body Although benign tumors can be a lesser cause for long term care and […]

23Jan, 2015

Types of Hepatitis C Infection

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Hepatitis C is a viral infection that can be transferred through blood and other bodily fluids. There are six specific types of Hep C that are all related to the genome that is most affected by the illness. This categorization is not related to severity, as all types of Hepatitis C can lead to equally impactful conditions. However, the differences in the genotype varieties are related to how the illness responds to different treatments and interventions. For the purposes of classification and treatment, Hepatitis C can be viewed as the […]