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Insulin Pump Therapy
17Nov, 2015

Is Insulin Pump Therapy Right For You?

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The majority of people with type 1 diabetes do require regular insulin injections in order to ensure that blood sugar levels are well maintained, and that overall metabolic function is preserved. While every individual with the condition will require specific dosages and medication regimens, it is certain that injections will need to occur throughout the course of the day. This can cause a number of concerns for individuals of all walks of life: Changes in lifestyle habits Concerns about injection while at work Managing the required drug protocol, ie. avoiding […]

Combination Vitamins can Provide Comprehensive Support for Joint Health
19May, 2015

Vitamins for Joint Pain

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Although chronic joint pain and musculoskeletal issues are frequently associated with wear and tear that happens over time, severe joint issues can affect people at any point in their life. This may be due to: Injury Long-term load bearing on the joints Poor nutrition Circulation problems, including those that are exacerbated by tight clothing Poor postural alignment Genetic precursors Systemic inflammation As a result, even minor joint discomfort that arises earlier in life could be indicative of a future health concern. For this reason, it can be vitally important for […]

It is Important to Balance Vitamin Supplements with Weight Loss
11May, 2015

Best Vitamin Supplement for Losing Weight

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With obesity as one of the leading causes of adjunct chronic conditions for the population, stronger focus is being placed on preventive measures that can reduce these impacts. While motivations for losing weight can also come from personal goals to look better, gaining better health should still be a guiding factor in the process. Weight reductions of as little as ten pounds can significantly: Reduce the risk of adult onset diabetes Improve both circulation and cardiovascular health Aid in better joint health Improve overall immune function Reduces prevalence and pain […]

There are Several Common Treatment Sensations Felt During an Iron Infusion
24Mar, 2015

How Will I Feel After an Iron Infusion?

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For patients who have discovered that they require infusion therapy with iron, the prospects can be a cause for some trepidation. Any time that a treatment recommendation is new, it can bring with it a variety of questions regarding what to expect, how the therapy will impact quality of life, and what kinds of risks are involved in this route of action. Becoming educated about the process and about the effects can facilitate the healing effects of the therapy, since it can also emotionally open the patient to accepting this […]

There are Many In-Home Nursing Services Available for Patients
17Mar, 2015

A List of Home Nursing Services

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Long-term care options for the elder population can provide a number of specialized services that fit the needs of the patient and provide a caring and healing environment for the residents. Different patients may be looking for a variety of amenities and services that are included in the care provided in home, although considering these variations of specialty can be just as important as evaluating the quality of care. Due to the rising need of better and more empowering elder care, as well as concerns over the quality of life […]

Infusions and Transfusions are Used to Treat Many Conditions
3Mar, 2015

Infusion vs Transfusion

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A number of treatment therapies may seem to utilize similar mechanisms in order to enact an effect, although the treatments themselves can be quite different.  This is often the case when people refer to infusions and transfusions.  Both of these treatments come under the same general heading, but they are used to describe different aspects of the similar processes. As both an infusion and a transfusion are given through IV drips, it can be easy for people to assume that they are the same.  Infusions essentially refer to when an […]