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Women Near Menopausal Age are Most Likely to Experience Hair Loss
16Jul, 2015

Treatment of Hair Loss in Women

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Although baldness in men is often accepted as a genetic sign of ageing, hair loss for women is not only less common, but can also have a greater impact on self-esteem and quality of life.  Although this is largely due to social miens, the lower ratio of hair loss in women in the population also contributes to the impact of the condition. It should be noted that some thinning of the hair over time is not uncommon, although this tends to present more as a general loss of volume rather […]

Being Aware of the Symptoms of Heart Disease Gives You a Better Chance of Early Detection
9Jul, 2015

5 Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women

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Heart disease is one the leading causes of death in adult women.  Although this can also be influenced by activity levels and overall weight, one of the primary reasons that this is a health risk trend is due to the hormonal changes that women undergo throughout life.  The fluctuations between estrogen and progesterone can form a natural balance for health, but dietary and chemical intake can also impact outcomes. Dietary habits that include processed foods and high amounts of fat can contribute to heart disease through the presence of the […]

Controlling Anger Issues Reduces the Risk of Developing a Chronic Heart Condition
30Jun, 2015

The Benefits of Anger Management to Your Blood Pressure

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Modern society is highly focused on efficiency, productivity, and immediate gratification.  Although this trend is greatly influenced by technology, it is also important to stay aware of the human reactions and adaptations that it brings.  While many aspect of life are made easier by these advances, they also bring about a new perspective of the world that can have a negative impact on health. One of the main psychological trends that is evident with this social change is need for constant stimulation or gratification that individuals will seek out.  Conversely, […]