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Medication Use During Pregnancy Can Lead to Harmful Effects on the Child
23Jul, 2015

Medications to Avoid During Pregnancy

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Although mothers to be take many precautions in order to ensure the safety of their unborn child, it can be difficult to navigate the entire nine months without the use of any form of medication.  For otherwise healthy mothers, it may be an easier task to undertake, while mothers with pre-existing conditions or complications during pregnancy may still be required to have some drugs in their system. This also makes it vitally important to consult with a physician before making any alterations to existing medication protocols, as some necessity in […]

Controlling Anger Issues Reduces the Risk of Developing a Chronic Heart Condition
30Jun, 2015

The Benefits of Anger Management to Your Blood Pressure

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Modern society is highly focused on efficiency, productivity, and immediate gratification.  Although this trend is greatly influenced by technology, it is also important to stay aware of the human reactions and adaptations that it brings.  While many aspect of life are made easier by these advances, they also bring about a new perspective of the world that can have a negative impact on health. One of the main psychological trends that is evident with this social change is need for constant stimulation or gratification that individuals will seek out.  Conversely, […]

Staying Healthy is the Best Way to Avoid Heart Disease
21Apr, 2015

Evaluating Cardiovascular Risk

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Keeping your health in the best shape possible is important, and sometimes that means nothing more than identifying what you are at risk for and what steps you can take to reduce those risks. In particular, heart diseases and cardiovascular issues are among the most common and the most dangerous. Cardiovascular disease and heart related issues remain one of the country’s biggest killers, and a lot of different risk factors have a direct impact on heart health. Luckily, unlike some disease like cancer, there are numerous steps that you can […]

Antioxidants and Sunscreen Protection are Recommended for Skin Care
9Apr, 2015

Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

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There is no question that taking care of yourself should focus on making sure that your overall health and well-being are where they should be. Making sure you’re at a healthy weight, that you live a healthy lifestyle, and that you’re free from disease and illness are all things that are important for making sure you live a long, healthy life. But looking great is important as well, and taking the time to fight the signs of aging and ensure that your skin looks its best can help you feel […]

Mental and Physical Symptoms can be Signs of High Blood Pressure
19Mar, 2015

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

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High blood pressure can present in a variety of manners, depending upon a person’s individual physiology. In many cases, high blood pressure does not actually show any visible symptoms, but can still be diagnosed through testing. Blood pressure that is between 130-139/85-89 mm Hg is considered to already be in the high range. Extreme hypertension is any measurement that is above these numbers, and can lead to severe health concerns. However, since symptoms can be non-presenting, it is always best for people who have a familial history of the illness […]

The Proper Diet can Help Lower Blood Pressure
26Feb, 2015

Diet Ideas to Help Lower Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure can be triggered by several physiological factors as well as genetic predispositions to the condition.  However, dietary changes have a strong impact on this condition, as the nutrients within foods are also the triggers for cellular function.  Potassium and sodium play some of the largest roles in regulating circulation, so making changes with foods that contain these minerals can generate the best results. High blood pressure can also be a factor of cardiovascular issues that directly impact the blood vessels.  Comorbid conditions such as high cholesterol, fatty […]

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery is a Lifelong Commitment
24Feb, 2015

Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment at Home

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Recovery from addiction is a process that is ongoing, although appropriate support networks can often make the greatest impact with rehabilitation, especially over time.  In many cases, the first steps to rehabilitation are detoxification, treatment, and therapy that are conducted in a safe and isolated facility.  This practice can be highly effective, especially since it removes patients from possible triggers, including the substances themselves. While treatment centers can be highly effective there are a number of considerations that should be evaluated before making this choice for rehabilitation. Expenses – some […]

11Dec, 2014

Caffeine and Bone Loss

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The correlation between caffeinated drinks and lowered bone density has been well established, although other chemicals in many of these beverages can also contribute to calcium loss.  The rate of damage can often be associated with contributing factors, such as: Age Genetics/predisposition or risk factor for osteoporosis Amount and frequency of caffeine intake Other nutritional intake Types of caffeinated beverages that are consumed Does Caffeine Affect Bone Density? Overall, it is highly recommended that individuals who may be at risk for osteoporosis either limit or completely eliminate caffeine consumption.  This […]